The BIGBERTHER® solution is designed to provide a deployable accommodation solution to give each flexible compartment (2 high) a minimum of 90 sqft of configurable space to serve a variety of functions, whether primarily sleeping accommodation, or a combination of live/work and leisure.   

The standard BIGBERTHER® contains 44 compartments of 90sqft across 2 levels, with a footprint of only 40 x 60ft.  Compared with traditional dome style tents, this offers anything up to a 4 fold increase in capacity, with a much lower cost of environmental control per berth.

The BIGBERTHER® is designed to be built up into use fast, and comes with its own purpose configured ISO shipping containers, transport crates, and all necessary hardware to make it function.  TWO x 20ft container kit provides a climate controlled accommodation solution for 44 separate berths compartments, complete with privacy and lockable storage. 

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