BERTHERĀ® products offer revolutionary deployable acccommodation solution for harshest environments, whether for military, remote camps, or disaster relief situations.  

The standard BERTHER tent contains 44 berth accommodation spread across 3 levels, with a footprint of only 26 x 40ft.  Compared with traditional dome style tents, this offers anything up to a 4 fold increase in capacity, with a much lower cost of environmental control per berth. 

Constructed of custom aluminum sections and breathable technical fabrics, the BERTHER range of accommodation tents achieve unsurpassed performance and value for money in the harshest of climates.   



The BERTHER is designed to be built up into use fast, and comes with its own purpose configured ISO shipping container, transport crates, and all necessary hardware to make it function.  ONE x 20ft container kit provides a climate controlled accommodation solution for 44 separate berths, complete with privacy and lockable storage. 

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